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Friday, September 3, 2010

Job Interview TIPS

An interview gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer, so it pays to be well prepared. The following information provides some helpful hints.

  • Learn about the organization.
  • Have a specific job or jobs in mind.
  • Review your qualifications for the job.
  • Be ready to briefly describe your experience, showing how it relates it the job.
  • Be ready to answer broad questions, such as “Why should I hire you?” “Why do you want this job?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  • Practice an interview with a friend or relative.
Personal appearance:
  • Be well groomed.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Do not chew gum or smoke.
The interview:
  • Be early.
  • Learn the name of your interviewer and greet him or her with a firm handshake.
  • Use good manners with everyone you meet.
  • Relax and answer each question concisely.
  • Use proper English—avoid slang.
  • Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
  • Use body language to show interest—use eye contact and don’t slouch.
  • Ask questions about the position and the organization, but avoid questions whose answers can easily be found on the company Web site.
  • Also avoid asking questions about salary and benefits unless a job offer is made.
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.
  • Send a short thank you note.
Information to bring to an interview:
  • Social Security card.
  • Government-issued identification (driver’s license).
  • Resume or application. Although not all employers require a resume, you should be able to furnish the interviewer information about your education, training, and previous employment.
  • References. Employers typically require three references. Get permission before using anyone as a reference. Make sure that they will give you a good reference. Try to avoid using relatives as references.
  • Transcripts. Employers may require an official copy of transcripts to verify grades, coursework, dates of attendance, and highest grade completed or degree awarded.

How to Answer Interview Questions

It is always hard to know how to answer interview questions and if you are not very experienced at interviews, then the whole process can seem daunting. So just how are you supposed to answer their questions?

Well the basic principle to bear in mind, whatever the interview, whether on a one to one, at a recruitment agency or for a permanent contract, is that you need to sell yourself in a way that is confident and assured, but without sounding too big headed or arrogant.

Always try to ensure that you establish eye contact with the interviewers. Try to sound confident when you answer and if you think you are about to freeze, or dry up, then just take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is not life or death, it is only an interview and then continue.

Answer questions as fully as possible, so if you are asked ‘Why should we hire you’ then don’t just say ‘Because I have all the skills and attributes required for this position’ but tell them exactly what experience you have and what your skills are. If you keep your answers too brief then you will potentially come across as disinterested and perhaps even a little vague, so expand, expand, expand.

When answering questions at interview it is always tempting to make yourself seem much more competent or experienced than you really are. But herein lies a danger, because if you lie at interview or mislead the panel, then this could well come back to haunt you. So be confident, but not overly so!

Finally always think of some good questions to ask the interview panel. These may include questions about career progression, how the company operates, what kind of tasks you will be expected to undertake or even about management style. The more original and complex your questions are, the more impressed the interviewing panel are likely to be!

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